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Quiz ITEC 626 Information Systems Infrastructure

Quiz ITEC 626 Information Systems Infrastructure

Quiz ITEC 626 Information Systems Infrastructure

Multiple choices – Choose ONLY 1 Answer (2 Point each, 20 points total)

  1. A major difference between amplifiers and repeaters is:
  1. amplifiers forward noise as well as data
  2. amplifiers clean the signal and then forward it
  3. amplifiers increase the amount of attenuation
  4. amplifiers focus primarily on digital signals
  1. Choose the one that is NOT included in the four components of Domain Name System.
  1. DNS database                                                 B.        IP addresses
  2. name servers                                                    D.        Resolvers
  1. The IPv6 specification uses addresses to identify hosts that consist of:
  1. 16 bits                                                             B.        64 bits
  2. 32 bits                                                             D.        128 bits
  1. The ________ layer is responsible for the data exchange between a computer and a connected network.
  1. transport                                                          B.        Application
  2. network access                                                D.        Physical
  1. In a ________ processing configuration, the application processing is performed in an optimized fashion, taking advantage of the strengths of both client and server machines and of the distribution of data.
  1. host-based                                                       B.        Server-based
  2. client-based                                                     D.        Cooperative
  1. A common method for encapsulating communication in a distributed system is the __________.
  1. SQL                                                                B.        PaaS
  2. RPC                                                                D.        API
  1. Which statement about SMTP message handling is correct?
  1. Messages typically are sent through multiple SMTP systems while going                 from the sender to the recipient
  2. SMTP sender remains responsible for a message until it has been                 delivered to the recipient
  3. SMTP does not guarantee that all messages are delivered
  4. SMTP attempts to send messages until the recipients become available
  1. Which type of intermediate devices can be used in an HTTP network?
  1. proxies                                                             B.        gateways
  2. tunnels                                                             D.        all of the above
  1. Circuit switching uses three phases for data communication, which are:
  1. connect, transfer, hang-up
  2. ring, talk, hang-up
  3. dial, transfer, disconnect
  4. establishment, data transfer, disconnect
  1. A public telecommunications network has four generic components:
  1. senders, receivers, lines, and nodes
  2. subscribers, local loops, exchanges, and trunks
  3. subscribers, trunks, nodes, and loops
  4. local loops, subscriber lines, exchanges, and trunks

For each statement below, decide whether it is true or false (2 point each, 20 total)

(T)       (F)       1.  Video networks in business are used primarily to deliver programs.

(T)       (F)       2. Intranets use the same communication protocols and applications as the Internet.

(T)       (F)       3. When using message switching instead of packet switching, a      dedicated path must be established between the parties for all messages that are sent.

(T)       (F)       4.  Packet switching is like message switching except that the unit of data sent at one time is limited in size, thus requiring larger messages to be broken into pieces.

(T)       (F)       5.  The service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a form of client/server          computing.

(T)       (F)       6.  Middleware is used to overcome lack of standardization.

(T)       (F)       7.  Upon receipt, the SMTP receiver must decide whether to place the message in the appropriate user mailbox or local outgoing mail queue.

(T)       (F)       8.  SMTP does not place any requirements on the contents or message       bodies of mail it processes.

(T)       (F)       9.  In general, the performance of a LAN declines with increased       lengths of connections and/or the number of devices using it.

(T)       (F)       10.  Having multiple paths from one station to another through a       network contributes to reliability.

III. Suppose you need to send one message to 3 different recipients, namely,, and Is there any difference BETWEEN sending only one message with 3 recipients AND sending one separate email to each recipient? Explain your answer. (10 points)

IV. What are the advantages and disadvantages for locating applications on the client, the server, or split between client and server? (10 points)

V. Compare the difference between a HUB, a Layer 2 Switch, and a Layer 3 Switch. (10 points)

VI. Why is it helpful to have multiple possible routes or paths through a network for each pair of computers? (10 points)

VII. Briefly explain the principles behind CDMA. (10 points)

VIII. Explain and Compare the following modulation terminologies: (10 points)

  1. Frequency Modulation
  2. Amplitude Modulation
  3. Phase Modulation
  4. Pulse Modulation

Course: ITEC 626 Information Systems Infrastructure
School: University of Maryland University College

  • : 30/06/2017
  • : 40

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