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PSY-362 Week 4 Exam 2 (Multiple Choice and Theory Questions)

PSY-362 Week 4 Exam 2 (Multiple Choice and Theory Questions)

PSY-362 Week 4 Exam 2 (Multiple Choice and Theory Questions)

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  1. After doing poorly on his biology exam, Jim reminds himself that he is a good artist and a loving boyfriend. Thus, Jim is using ________ to cope with a potential threat to his self-esteem.
  1. “Tight” cultures differ from “loose” cultures in that they
  1. As you drive in to school, you hear a random radio-show caller arguing that sun exposure really has not been shown to cause skin cancer and that some research suggests that skin cancer is completely genetic and not related to sun exposure at all. At the time, you think that this is a silly argument and that the caller does not know what she is talking about. However, two months later, you are outside without wearing sunscreen, and you find yourself remembering that you had read something about how the sun actually does not cause skin cancer. This process is evidence that ________ has influenced your attitude.

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  1. Dave’s roommates call him a “moocher,” a “parasite,” and a “leech.” These names suggest that Dave
  1. Research on cognitive dissonance teaches a broad and important lesson about how to influence someone else’s attitudes. Specifically, if you want people to ________ the broader value or message behind what you got them to do, then you should use the ________ amount of incentive or coercion necessary to induce compliance.
  1. Some residents in your town want to build a new elementary school, but others do not. You are leaning toward the pro-school camp. One day, you receive a flyer from the pro-school camp that warns you that the anti-school camp is going to hold a demonstration at a local park. The flyer briefly summarizes how the anti-school camp will attack the pro-school position. Further, the flyer asks you to think about how you can refute the attack before the demonstration occurs. The pro-school camp’s strategy is an example of ________. It should ________ your resistance to stronger, more detailed attacks if you end up attending the demonstration.
  1. The main difference between compliance and obedience is that obedience occurs in response to
  1. Although you want to chat with your friend during class, you’re worried that the professor or other students would notice. You choose not to talk to your friend. This illustrates that
  1. How have norm-based approaches been used to curb binge drinking on college campuses? What explains the effectiveness of these approaches?
  1. Minorities influence majority opinion primarily through
  1. Compared with people who grow up in independent cultures, people who grow up in interdependent cultures are ________ susceptible to ________ social influence.
  2. A prison warden has instructed his prison guards to hose down the prisoners with icy cold water as punishment, despite the fact that this is likely illegal. When one of the guards protests, the warden informs the guards that he himself will take personal responsibility for any negative consequences. This will make the guards more likely to obey because it
  1. Bradley narrowly escapes a head-on collision while driving from home. Once he arrives, he turns on the television and sees a political ad for the challenger in the local mayoral race, which focuses on how the challenger will change city policies if elected. According to research on terror management, how will he evaluate this ad?
  1. You are asked to design an antismoking pamphlet. You decide to put a frightening photograph of a lung-cancer victim on the cover. According to Howard Leventhal and his colleagues’ (1967) research, your message will be more likely to reduce smoking if you also provide
  1. Molly knows the history of her home city of Philadelphia. There are three landmarks downtown that she always shows to friends who visit. This knowledge of Philadelphia is the ________ component of her attitude toward her city.
  1. Joanna does not think carefully and deliberately about what a politician says during a debate. Instead, she attends to the politician’s winning smile and boyish good looks. Joanna is attending to the ________ route to persuasion.
  1. Which of the following statements about the effects of subliminal stimuli is most accurate?
  1. Give three examples of how the media can shape our conception of social reality.
  1. Recall that Muzafer Sherif (1936) showed participants a point of light in a completely darkened room and participants were asked to judge the light’s movement. The results from this study suggest that people
  1. Lenora’s parents always taught her that she ought to “put on a happy face” even when she is not. According to research on self-perception theory, what effect does this behavior have on her corresponding internal state?
  1. What are self-affirmations and how can they be used to ward off cognitive dissonance?
  1. According to the self-validation hypothesis, under what circumstances can greater source credibility, which might prompt recipients of a message to be more confident, lead to less persuasion?
  1. Which of the following advertising strategies BEST illustrates an attempt to persuade people through the central route?
  1. Janet has a minority opinion about dorm curfew and is afraid she will feel pressured to conform to the majority opinion at an upcoming dorm meeting. To resist conformity pressures, Janet should
  1. Although Quan believes that child safety is important, he often forgets to use a car seat when taking his toddler to day care. What does this best illustrate about the relationship between attitudes and behavior?

Course: PSY-362 Social Psychology and Cultural Applications
School: Grand Canyon University

  • : 22/08/2019
  • : 65

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