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Major Assignment 5Problem/Solution EssayOral PresentationFocus: ???Development of research question???Use of research information???Development and support of…

Major Assignment 5Problem/Solution EssayOral PresentationFocus: ???Development of research question???Use of research information???Development and support of…

Major Assignment 5
Problem/Solution Essay
Oral Presentation

???Development of research question
???Use of research information
???Development and support of arguments and evidence
???Oral presentation skills

Problem/Solution Essay:
For this assignment, you will use the sources you gathered in your Annotated Bibliography and Topic Proposal assignments, write an argumentative essay that argues in favor of ONE solution to the problem that you are researching. Based on your research, identify THREE to FOUR possible solutions discussed in the sources you collected, and choose ONE that you are in favor of. Argue for that solution using evidence to support your claims. You should cite at least 6 sources in APA style. More details about the structure of this essay please refer to the Problem/Solution Essay Outline Sheet.

Use the Topic Proposal you developed as the basis for your introduction in Problem/Solution essay, and use the Annotated Bibliography you created as the basis for your Reference list. You have to use the same topic you researched on in your Annotated Bibliography and Topic Proposal assignments, and you CANNOT change to a new topic.

Format: Microsoft Word file, size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, title related to your topic, 4-line heading on page 1: your name, instructor�s name, course number/ section, and date.

Length: 5-6 pages, 1300-2000 words

Oral Presentation Requirements:
?Create 10-12 PPT slides to cover the same topic and content in your Problem/Solution essay
?Each slide should be clear and purposefully relevant to your topic
?Use creative visual aids in your PPT slides to assist the presentation
?The time limit for each presentation is 5 minutes
?Your oral presentation will be given to the whole class

Due Dates:
First draft due, Tuesday, April 9th, by 11:59pm, submit to canvas, 2 points to final score
Oral presentation PPT slides, Wednesday, April 17th, by 11:59PM, submit to canvas Oral presentation is counted as 5 points to final score
Final draft due, Monday, April 29th, by 11:59pm, submit to canvas, 18 points to final score.

Problem-Solution Essay Outline

I. Introduction Part (around 3 paragraphs):

� Explain and analyze the problem based on your topic proposal. You need to have a thesis statement in the first paragraph summarizing the problem, pointing out the purpose of writing this essay, and indicating the structure of the essay.

Transition sentence leading into the solution part

II. Solution Part (4-6 paragraphs):
1. Solution #1
a. Supportive evidence for the solution
b. Negative evidence for the solution
c. Why this solution may not work effectively
2. Solution #2
a. Supportive evidence
b. Negative evidence
c. Why this solution may not work effectively
3. Solution #3 (This is the SOLUTION you support)
a. Explain the solution
b. ARGUE for this solution (offer solid reasons you summarized from the sources, use Logos, Ethos, Pathos)
c. Anticipate possible counter arguments and refute them (attack their logical fallacies, or any fallacious statements violating the principles of Logos, Ethos, Pathos)

III. Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)
1. Summary statement
2. Relate to the world today or future
3. Call to action/final thought

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