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CSIS 330 Quiz 4 with Answers

  1. A _______________________ MAC address is the unique address used when a frame is sent from a single transmitting device to a single destination device.
  2. In cut-through switching, the switch does not perform any error checking on the frame.
  3. On modern PC operating systems and NICs, it is possible to change the MAC address in software; therefore filtering traffic based on the MAC address is no longer secure.
  4. Which field in an Ethernet frame is used for error detection?
  5. Which of the following is not a type of memory buffering?
  6. What allows different data rates on different switch ports?
  7. A broadcast packet contains a destination IP address that has all zeroes (0s) in the host portion.
  8. ________________________ addresses allow a source device to send a packet to a specific group of devices on a network.
  9. LLC is implemented in hardware, and its implementation is independent of the software.
  10. Store-and-forward switching is faster than cut-through switching.
  11. Both the Ethernet II and IEEE 802.3 standards define the minimum frame size as __________ bytes and the maximum as __________ bytes.
  12. ______________ is a physical port on a Layer 3 switch configured to act as a router port.
  13. During the boot process of a Cisco router, you notice a series of hash symbols (#) appearing on the terminal emulator screen from the console session.  In what phase is the boot process?
  14. Each route a packet takes to reach the destination host is called a ___________.
  15. Which of the following statements are major issues with IPv4?
  16. In what part of a router is the current configuration being used located?
  17. Which part of an IPv4 packet contains the Layer 4 segment information and the actual data?
  18. The process of removing headers from lower layers is known as _________________.
  19. When entering the route print command, the Interface List section displays which of the following? (CSIS 330 quiz 4)
  20. When an intermediate device must split up a packet when forwarding it from one medium to a medium with a smaller MTU, this process is known as ________________.
  21. The last 2 bits of the Differentiated Services field of an IPv4 header identify the explicit congestion notification (ECN) value that can be used to prevent dropped packets during times of network congestion.
  22. Which files are loaded into RAM when a router is booted?
  23. The routing performed by intermediate devices considers the contents of the packet header that encapsulates the segment as well as the payload of the packet.
  24. IP is often referred to as an unreliable or best-effort delivery protocol, which means that IP works properly sometimes and does not function well at other times.
  25. When using the netstat –r command on a host, you see a route  What does this route represent?

csis 330 quiz 4

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