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CSIS 330 Final Exam 2 with Answers Liberty

  1. According to the textbook, data networks were initially used by businesses to internally record and manage all of the following except:
  2. All of the above were initial uses of data networks
  3. ______________ are pages that are easy to update and edit and give anyone a means to communicate their thoughts to a global audience without technical knowledge of web design. They are like an individual, personal journal.
  4. A ______________________________ is a network infrastructure that provides access to users and end devices in a small geographical area.
  5. All computers connected to a network that participate directly in network communication are classified as servers.
  6. __________________________ is defined as “the act of working with another or others on a joint project.”
  7. A cable connection provides a high-bandwidth, always on connection to the Internet.
  8. In which of the following connections is the Internet data signal carried on the same coaxial cable that delivers cable television?
  9. A(n) ______________________ connects end devices using network cables.
  10. What command is used to display information about the device?
  11. According to the textbook, when a banner is used on an IOS device, it should always welcome someone to the device as its first statement.
  12. Which mode is used to configure one of the physical or virtual lines?
  13. According to the textbook, while all devices come with a default IOS and feature set, it is possible to upgrade the IOS version or feature set to obtain additional capabilities.
  14. IOS commands are case sensitive.
  15. To save configuration changes to the startup-configuration file, what command is used?
  16. Which of the following is not a benefit to using a layered model to describe network operations?
  17. ________________________ is the physical address for the network interface of either the next-hop router or the network interface of the destination device.
  18. _______________________ is the term used to refer to the PDU at the Internet layer of the TCP/IP model.
  19. Which of the following is not one of the primary elements in communication listed in the textbook?
  20. The ___________ model is the most widely known internetwork reference model.
  21. What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 00100001?
  22. What is the binary equivalent of the hexadecimal number AA?
  23. So, here is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 00101101?
  24. What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 8?
  25. So, here is the hexadecimal equivalent of the binary number 00000111?
  26. What is the binary equivalent of the hexadecimal number FF?
  27. Which of the following is not governed by one of the Wireless standards (IEEE 802.11, 802.15, or 802.16)?
  28. The ____________________________ topology provides high availability, but requires that every end system be interconnected to every other system.
  29. The _____________________________ layer in the OSI model is responsible for the exchange of frames between nodes over a physical network media. It also allows the upper layers to access the media and controls how data is
  30. A ______________________ is used to facilitate access to a medium when the controlled access method is used.
  31. In which type of industry is fiber optic being used for backbone cabling applications and interconnecting infrastructure devices?
  32. When using copper cable, the signals are patterns of _____________.
  33. ______________ is a physical port on a Layer 3 switch configured to act as a router port.
  34. Which address is used as a destination address on a broadcast Ethernet frame?
  35. Which of the following is not one of the primary fields in an Ethernet frame?
  36. ________________ allows a switch to deliver power to a device, such as IP phones and some wireless access points, over the existing Ethernet cabling.
  37. In ___________________ buffering, frames are stored in queues that are linked to specific incoming and outgoing ports.
  38. If no device responds to an ARP request, the packet is dropped because a frame cannot be created.
  39. Cisco routers use ROM to store which of the following?
  40. An end device with a configured IP address is referred to as a ____________.
  41. The Internet is largely based on _____, which is still the most widely used network layer protocol.
  42. Which of the following is not a component of a router?
  43. Both routing tables of hosts and routers identify the destination network, the metric associated with the destination network, and the gateway to get to the destination network.
  44. The local routing table of a host typically contains a route to the loopback interface ( This address is known as a ______________________.
  45. Which port is assigned to DNS?
  46. Which of the following is not a common transport layer protocol?
  47. A ______________________ protocol is one that negotiates and establishes a permanent connection between source and destination devices prior to forwarding any traffic.
  48. Each TCP segment has ___________ bytes of overhead in the header encapsulating the application layer data; UDP has _____ bytes of overhead.
  49. UDP is known as __________________ delivery because there is no acknowledgement that the data is received at the destination.
  50. What does UDP do when receiving messages that are more than one datagram in length?
  51. Which of the following is not a characteristic of TCP?
  52. The _______________ assigns port numbers.
  53. The IPv4 __________ address is a special address for each network that allows communication to all the hosts in that network.
  54. The 1s in the subnet mask represent the ___________ portion, and the 0s represent the ______ portion.
  55. The address block for legacy Class B networks included the range
  56. Addresses included in the address pool for a DHCP server should include static addresses that are used by other devices.
  57. The double colon can only be used once within an IPv6 address.
  58. Which of the following is not a type of broadcast address?
  59. The legacy Class B address block was designed to support moderate- to large-size networks with up to 65,000 host addresses and used a ___________ prefix.
  60. Which type of communication is occurring when a packet is sent from one host to another individual host?
  61. You are given an IPv4 network address of by your ISP. So, you need to subnet this network. You know that the subnet mask will be Therefore, how many bits have you borrowed from the host
  62. All devices attached to the same network will have an IPv4 host address for that network and a common ____________________.
  63. Which of the following subnet masks is used to represent a prefix mask of / 26
  64. In creating subnets for IPv6, conversion to binary is not required.
  65. You are given an IPv4 network address of by your ISP. So, you need to subnet this network. Because you know that you need at least 6 subnets. What will be the address of your last usable host in your first subnet (i.e. subnet
  66. Which of the following message types is a client request for data?
  67. Which port(s) is(are) assigned to HTTP?
  68. In a __________________ network, two or more computers are connected through a network and can share resources without having a dedicated server.
  69. What is the IPv6 DHCP message that corresponds to the IPv4 DHCPACK message?
  70. Which protocol is used to assign an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address to a host?
  71. So, in which port(s) is(are) assigned to FTP?
  72. Which port(s) is(are) assigned to Telnet?
  73. So, in the following are functions of the Presentation Layer in the OSI model? (CSIS 330 final exam)
  74. What type of attack is the unauthorized manipulation of data, system access, or user privileges?
  75. Making illegal online purchases is what type of security threat?
  76. According to the textbook, real-time applications require more planning and dedicated services (relative to other types of data) to ensure priority delivery of voice and video traffic.
  77. Which type of security threat involves breaking into a computer to destroy or alter data records? (CSIS 330 final exam)
  78. A(n) __________ firewall is a firewall that is built into a dedicated hardware device known as a security appliance.
  79. A(n) ______ firewall consists of a firewall application that runs on a network operating system such as UNIX or Windows.
  80. Which of the following firewall techniques blocks unsolicited packets unless permitted specifically?
  81. In the following is not a factor that needs to be considered when designing a small network?
  82. Which type of security threat involves breaking into a computer to obtain confidential information?
  83. So, in which type of physical threat involves physical damage to servers, routers, switches, cabling, and workstations?
  84. In IP telephone, a router performs voice-to-IP conversions.
  85. What type of network vulnerability is involved when JavaScript is turned on in web browsers?
  86. Which of the following are steps that should be taken to secure devices on which a new operating system has been installed? (CSIS 330 final exam)
  87. Which type of security threat involves preventing legitimate users from accessing services to which they should be entitled?
  88. What name is given to malicious software that is attached to another program to execute a particular unwanted function on a workstation?

csis 330 final exam

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